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key points via bullet points B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

My research question is that : why are there so few women in computer science?

All through this quarter we’ve been working on our ability to write complex, technical information in such a way that it’s easily understood by a wider audience. But just as important is the ability to convey this information verbally. Even though we don’t meet in person, we’re still going to practice this skill, but with some twists to account for the digital environment.

Specifically, everyone here will create a PowerPoint (or Prezi/Google Slides) and then screencast your narration of it. Just to remind you, this presentation is based on your literature review & annotated bibliography. This way we all get to hear each other talk through a presentation and explain more fully the information on your slides. Technical information is below.

Basic guidelines: Each presenter should aim to speak for about 6 minutes.

The audience should be able to get a sense of your entire project, so you should present your research question, any necessary background, a quick summary of two or three key articles, and a few sentences of conclusion. We will have a separate discussion thread to enable Q&A.

Your slides should contain the basic information as listed above and at all costs, avoid blocks of text. The goal is to display the research question and key points via bullet points and appropriate visuals. You should NOT just read off paragraphs! Just as with any other presentation, prepare your comments and practice your delivery. It’s okay if you say “um” once or twice, but you may need to record a few times before you’re satisfied with the final result.

Grading: This presentation is worth 10% of your grade. You can earn as high as an A+ with the lowest grade possible being a C. However, you MUST create and upload the presentation in order to complete the requirements of this course.

I will be assessing the following items: (1) clear organization, (2) steady voice volume, (3) slow pace, 4) easy to follow & visually pleasing slides, and (5) an ability to respond to questions (via the Discussions thread).

Screencasting: Screencasting allows you to narrate your slides; you will not be videotaping yourself. In other words, this is an audio recording only. The best way to do this (as far as I can tell) is to use the free software Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.). This is free but you do have to download it. Once you’ve set it up, you can launch the recorder, open PowerPoint, size the screencasting screen to just record your slides, and begin recording. A handy tutorial that shows you how is here:

Alternately, you can upload it to YouTube and then provide the link.

You can also screencast by doing a movie recording via QuickTime; if you’d rather do that, please do. That proved trickier for me so I won’t be providing any instructions for you for that version. Please do not screencast using Powerpoint natively; this makes an enormous file and it not easily uploaded or opened by users.

Example :

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