kinesthetic abilities practical abilities creative abilities analytical abilities25 H u m a n i t i e s

kinesthetic abilities practical abilities creative abilities analytical abilities25 H u m a n i t i e s

2. Every time baby Anthony wants milk, he points to the refrigerator and says, “muh-luh!” In this case, “muh-luh!” is an example of a

3. Because Sharon does not want to seem too needy, she only responds to every third text message she receives from Jamal. In doing so, she has placed Jamal on a _____ schedule of reinforcement.

4. Which of these is an example of a fixed-interval schedule of reinforcement?

5. Harry was raised by parents who encouraged him to “change the world.” Harry believed in his ability to do so, and now is the mayor of his town. Harry’s story reflects which three elements of triadic reciprocal determinism?

6.Gus notices that the school bully is very popular, so Gus begins bullying students as well. Gus’s imitative behavior is best explained by the _____ effect.

7. Kelly always asks her dog, “Wanna go for a walk?” before taking him for a walk. When she says this, the dog wags his tail and runs to Kelly. In this scenario, “Wanna go for a walk?” is a(n)

8.When baby Frances says, “daaa,” her father says, “Yes, I’m daddy!” Eventually, thanks to her father’s continuous reinforcement, Frances will finally say “daddy.” This gradual development of language is known as

9.____ is a primary reinforcer, and ____ is a secondary reinforcer.

10.A peanut is placed in the bottom of a tube in a chimpanzee’s cage. The chimpanzee cannot reach the peanut or manipulate the tube. After trying unsuccessfully to reach in the tube, the chimpanzee suddenly runs to a drinking tube, fills his mouth with water, and spits in the tube until the peanut rises to a reachable level. The chimpanzee has solved this problem through (

11.Which statement about physical punishment is TRUE?

12. Rick loses his driver’s license after being arrested for driving while intoxicated. This is an example of

13. Which of the following pairs is an important element of behavioristic theories?

14. Pedro cleans his room to make his mother stop nagging him. This is an example of

15. As a result of John Watson’s conditioning techniques, Little Albert was frightened not only of a white rat, but also of rabbits, fur coats, and Santa Claus’s beard. These fears illustrate

16. Event-related potential illustrates _____, while event-related fields illustrate _____.

memory of numbers; memory of words

changes resulting from electrical activity in the brain; electrical activity in the brain

17.Arthur is given a list of random words, including tiger, suitcase, and banana
to remember. He remembers each word by mentally “placing” it somewhere in his bedroom. He imagines a tiger on his bed, a suitcase on a chair, and a banana on a nightstand. Arthur is using the _____ method of remembering.

18. Which of the following is an example of a three-letter stimulus used by Ebbinghaus in his study of working memory?

19. Jenny and Fernando have just come back from vacationing in Florida. When they tell their friends about the vacation, they may have different memories of the same experiences, but both are using _____ memory.

20. You are one of seven finalists for a job. Because of the primacy effect, you know that you will make the biggest impression if you are the _____ person interviewed.

21. Dizygotic twins are

22._____ is an encoding technique that works best if distributed over days rather than hours.

23 In Sperling’s classic study of sensory memory, participants recalled an average of approximately _____ of a set of 12 letters. However, reporting only a random portion of the letters revealed that the full capacity sensory memory is closer to _____ of the entire set.

24. Which of the following is NOT a component of the triarchic theory of successful intelligence?

25. Janice, who supervises 100 employees, learned Robby’s name because of Robby’s red tie. In fact, Janice thinks of him as “Robby Red Tie.” When Robby stops wearing his red tie, Janice has trouble remembering Robby’s name. This forgetting is due to

26. Your teacher reads a list of 12 words, and then asks you to say, in any order, as many of them as you can remember. Your teacher is testing your

27. Working memory is limited to approximately _____ items.

28. Which of the following summarizes the Flynn effect?

29. The belief that intelligence can improve through work and effort is known as _____ theory.

30. Vincent has been a football coach at Faber College since 1990. Recently, all the players on the 1990 team visited him to honor his time at the school. Because Vincent has coached so many other players since then, he has trouble remembering all the names of the players from 1990. His forgetting is due to

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