leadership “ silver bullet ,” description W r i t i n g

leadership “ silver bullet ,” description W r i t i n g

This week you created a list of factors defining and describing servant leadership and differential descriptors of management approaches compared to leadership approaches in leading organizations.

Throughout this course you have investigated, researched, and reflected upon the creation of a greater community. You reflected upon leadership styles and their impact upon internal and external partners, and you also considered the value of student centered activities to attracting and retaining school community collaborators.

Requirements for the Final Project Due in Week 7- Please review.

Students: I have modified the requirements for the final project. For this project you will choose 6 writing prompts ( out of 12 given in the instructions) and write a paper primarily in your own words of 10- 12 pages in length. Each writing prompt will be placed as a bold-type subheading in your paper. You are limited to 6 references. The primary focus of this project is on insights you gained, lessons you learned, and questions you are grappling with in the process of building a greater community. Therefore you should expect to focus the majority of your writing in your own voice without employing a great number of citations.

  1. Reflect on a particular component from the Leadership Assessment Assignment in Week 1 that affected you. Provide your analysis of that component and how your participation in this course affirmed or challenged your initial analysis of the component in Week 1.
  2. Consider your response in Week 1 to an issue or challenge in your school community that you consider a barrier to fostering positive collaboration with your constituents. Describe how you now might resolve that issue, referencing any course learning activity, compared to your response in Week 1.
  3. List a data demographic compilation that includes the total population, languages spoken, gender, race, age, academic achievement, and other cultural criteria pertinent to your community. Describe a plan of action that you will consider implementing that addresses those demographic factors in developing a greater sense of community in your school district.
  4. List a data compilation that includes the total student population in your school setting, languages spoken by students, and the gender, race, age, and academic achievement of students, as well as other cultural criteria pertinent to the student population of your school district.
  5. Provide your assessment of the student demographics and your plan to address those factors in creating collaboration with school community partners.
  6. Provide a description of a Student-Centered Promising Practice Activity that could potentially be implemented in your school district that could enhance the recruitment and retention of school community partners.
  7. Reflect on the Leadership “Silver Bullet,” description from Week 5, and your consideration for its relevance to your leadership style and in creating a greater community.
  8. List at least two strategies supporting the four factors that attract and retain community partners listed by Sanders (2006) that you believe can attract and retain potential community partners in your school district. Provide your rationale for the strategies you selected and your vision for what may be accomplished by implementing them in your school district.
  9. Provide at least three definitions of servant leadership from research. Provide your reflection, assessment, and value of each of those defining factors if they were utilized in leadership, and how creation of a greater community could be enhanced though the modeling of those factors by leaders.
  10. Reflect upon Bennis’ (2009) descriptors of the managerial and leadership approaches to the operation of organizations. Consider how any of those descriptors might have value in your leadership, and in creating collaborative partnerships with school community entities.
  11. Describe what three leadership traits that you consider are essential factors in fostering a greater community.
  12. Write a reflection on your learning journey in this course that may include consideration of your leadership style, your perspectives of your school-community, or any other insights that you gained as a result of your participation in this course.

Detail each response to each requirement above (#1 to #12) in no more than two pages. You may use bullet points, charts, graphs, or any pertinent data to substantiate and validate your reflections. Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and activities, research, and from your experiences. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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