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Due Week 4: 122 points

You’ve learned about the importance of research and the steps
of the sociological research process. For your first assignment,
you will begin to work with this process by carefully reviewing an
article about a research study. The goal is to have you analyze
the article to see how the steps of the research process informed
the research presented in the piece. This assignment will also
encourage you to make connections between the research and
your own life.

To analyze your article, follow the Ask, Research, Learn, Do
process that is outlined below. This process was introduced in
your webtext as a simplified version of the sociological research
process. It’s a useful tool to help you think critically, answer
questions, and solve problems.

Instructions: Complete both parts of the assignment by following
the instructions below.

1) Review Articles
a) Prepare to complete your assignment by
reviewing the articles below.

Select one for the
focus of your first assignment.

• “What ‘Personal Space’ Looks Like Around
the World”

• 6 facts about the U.S. military and its
changing demographics

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