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I have responded to my classmates about third post. I have two post two share with you for each post only 3-4 sentences to respond make very simple and easy

First post.
I’ve recently been having discussions with family and such about what’s essential, and what should be allowed to stay open. The less you close the less economic downfall but the more potential for it to spread. The government seems to be sending the message of all non-esential businesses should be shut down but that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening. I would think “essential” would mean grocery stores, gas stations and any other businesses required to keep those running like truckers and companies that make food maybe hardware stores, some basic stuff like that.

There are many things that are open and are trying to claim they are essential that probably shouldn’t be open like Game Stop only closed recently and they had tried to justify themselves by saying they sell mice and keyboards people could need to work at home. Staples is still open, are they really essential? They also cover the basis that Game Stop was claiming, as does Best Buy how much redundancy do we need? It’s a hard line to draw and not many businesses are going to want to close.

The more things close the fewer reasons people have to go out and the sooner things can start to get better, but some businesses and people are going to have a very hard time recovering from this. I personally think it would be better to close more things down and hope for a speedy recovery but it’s hard to know how much that might help businesses open quicker and if that potentially speedier recovery would make up for the complete loss of income for those businesses.

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