market place including market share H e a l t h M e d i c a l

market place including market share H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Hello there, 

I am doing my internship this semester at Physician Supports Service ( medical billing company ), I am attaching a sample from previous student’s work you need to change it to your own words .  , YOU MUST follow these instructions :

Case Study Paper:

The written, typed case study should be 7-10 pages long, double-spaced, 10 or 12 point font with 1 inch margins. .  The Case Study will be submitted as part of the Assessment Portfolio. Your internship project could be, but may not necessarily be, a focal point of this case study. The case study should have the following components:

1. Background statement. What are the organization’s mission, goals and objectives?  Discuss organizational characteristics e.g. size, ownership, profit-status and current financial position ( You may need to locate their balance sheet or annual report to get this information). What populations does the organization serve? Who are their key stakeholders and customers?  What are some key challenges posed by the environment and industry?  What is its competitive position in the market place including market share, market penetration etc.  Describe the leadership and organization, setting, situation, who is involved, who decides what, etc.

2. Identify your role. Describe what department(s) you worked in, who your preceptor was and the preceptor’s role in the organization. Where did your department and preceptor and YOU fit into the overall organization?

3. Identification of diversity and other issues (culture, finance, location, competition etc.) that are impacting or likely to impact this case. How do matters of race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, religion, and/or disability appear in this case and what impact might they have on this case? Be sure to include diversity issues in each section of the case study, identifying how they relate to Major problems and secondary issues, Organizational strengths and weaknesses, Alternatives and Resolutions, and Evaluation.

4. Major problems/work place challenge and secondary issues. What major problems and secondary issues did the organization and/or department face that you observed during your internship? What were the real issues? Analyze the causes and effect utilizing a framework or tool learned in the class or at your internship. What is your analysis of the situation? Think about the underlying motivators. Fully explain your reasoning.

5. Organizational strengths and weaknesses. What are the organization’s or department’s strengths and weaknesses? What strengths do they bring to the marketplace? What weaknesses do they need to address?

6. Alternatives and Resolution. What alternatives does the organization or department have available to them? What feasible strategies would you recommend? State what should be done–why, how, and by whom. Specify the actions, steps and recommendations.

7. Evaluation. What evaluation plan would you have them put in place to enable them to assess if they are meeting their goals?


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