men treating women badly ” H u m a n i t i e s

men treating women badly ” H u m a n i t i e s

For this assignment, you will be focusing on the history and literature of the Middle Ages. You are to write a MLA documented (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. paper that demonstrates your understanding of the history, the values and the literature of the Middle Ages in England.

  • How does the literature reflect the relationship between women and men of the time period? (Theme)

2. Your thesis should answer the question “How do you (as yourself, an intelligent reader) see the literature written during that particular time period reflecting X (where X is your topic question selected from above (1))?”

3. You must answer your chosen question by analyzing and making specific reference to any two of the assigned readings that we have done for that particular period of study. Please note that “specific reference” means that you should integrate quotes from specific passages to support your interpretation– not just “Chaucer says a lot about men treating women badly” but something like “When Chaucer’s Wife of Bath says that “Experience, through noon auctoritee/ Were in this world, Is right ynough for me/ To speke of wo that is in marriage‟ she announces to the world her rebellion against a society that saw women as inferior to men” (Damrosch col.1:287). The more specific you can be about the works you are analyzing and reflecting upon, usually the better the quality of your paper.

Readings: Beowulf, The Conspiracy Against Lancelot and Guinevere King Arthur, Canterbury Tales (“The Millers Tale” , “The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale” , )

4. You may choose which literary works you wish to discuss from those we have read from the Middle Ages historical period. You may also wish to include works outside of our assigned readings in your reflection, though it is not required. You should discuss in some detail at least two pieces of literature from each time period, though you certainly can analyze more than two pieces of literature if you wish. At least two quotes should be used to support your analysis from each of the two pieces of literature.

5. Your reflection should demonstrate that you understand and can connect literary works to key historical events, concepts, and movements of the time.

6. Your primary focus of this essay should be your own reflection on how the British literature you have selected reflect an answer to your chosen theme question. You are free to use secondary sources in support of your reflection but material must be properly documented.

7. The paper should demonstrate your comprehension of the history of the time period and how that history influenced the portrayal of your chosen theme question in the literature.

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