need 2 pages double spaced O t h e r

need 2 pages double spaced O t h e r

Part 4 Personal Reflection: (10 points)

The Personal Reflection is an individually written paper that describes your experiences with the final project and the course.

A. What you learned from the assignment

B. What you learned from the class over the course of the semester

C. How you will apply what you learned in your own personal and/or professional


I want A, B and C answered in APA format, paragraph form and no bullet or number points. I need 2 pages double spaced. This class is a EPC 430 Class and we mostly learn about children. I want to become a teacher soon so for question C when it asks how will I apply this class to my career its that I am going to become a teacher and this class will help me gain my experience and get prepared for other upcoming courses. Also, for question A when it asks what did you learn from this assignment, you can talk about the presentation that my group and I are doing. The assignment she is talking about is the presentation. We picked chapter 12 from the book “Bredekamp, S. (2017).Effective practices in early childhood education: Building a foundation (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.” And the title of our presentation is “Teaching Children to Communicate: Language, Literacy and the Arts”. We made a whole lesson plan for the presentation as well as a powerpoint. So, you can talk about all those topics. Also, can you please reference the book in the reference page and include some citations from the book in the essay as well. For question B, when it asks what did you learn throughout the class, you can just skim through the book from chapters 1-12 and write down some information because she usually teachers us from the book. So with that being said, please please cite in the essay and reference page and do not copy word for word. Just paraphrase, but also cite it. Thank you so much, let me know if you have any questions.

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