next writing opportunity H u m a n i t i e s

next writing opportunity H u m a n i t i e s

Part 1: Review question 1 from the 2013 AP Language and Composition Exam. Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

  1. Practice dissecting the prompt:
Steps of Prompt Dissection What does the prompt say? (Use this column to record the specific wording of each step from the prompt.) What does this mean to you? (Use this column to state each part in your words.)
  1. Determine the context or background information.
  1. Locate the sources that you will draw from to inform or support your argument.
  1. Identify the broad task of the prompt.
  1. Determine the specific task of the prompt.
  1. Determine the EXPLICIT steps that must be taken to complete the task.
  1. Consider the implicit directions or expectations.
  1. What types of sources are provided?
  1. What position would you take if you were responding to this prompt?
  1. Which sources would you use to support your argument? Explain your rationale for each choice.

Part 2: Review the sample student responses for question 1.

  1. Use the chart and the questions below to complete an evaluation of the following areas for each essay:
    • Claim: Record the actual claim below and then reflect on the quality of it. Is the claim a clear and arguable response to the prompt? Does the claim reflect simple or complex thinking about the issue?
    • Organization of Ideas: Are the ideas organized by key points or by sources?
    • Use of Sources: Does the student engage in a conversation with the sources? Does the student rely on the sources to speak for themselves? Is the essay a synthesis or a summary?
    • Recommendation for Improvement: What could the student do to improve his or her essay?
Essay/Score Claim

Organization of Ideas

Use of Sources

Recommendation for Improvement

1A / 8
1B / 5
1C / 2

  1. Reflect: Identify at least three concepts you take away from reading these sample essays. What technique struck you as effective and worthy of being emulated? What will you try to do in your next writing opportunity? What will you strive to stop doing in your next writing opportunity?

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