non judgmental – objective B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

non judgmental – objective B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Choose the top three historical events that shaped the security
profession of today. Research both the Internet and an online research
database to see what more you can learn about the events.

This must be original work! Please no plagiarism.

Here is an example of the essay page. It should be in this precise format:

(The abstract is believed by many to be the most important paragraph in
the paper. It is a brief summary of overview of the essay content.
Typically 150 to 250 words and do not exceed that number.It should be
written in clear and concise language and non judgmental – objective as
to contents only)

(Abstract is on a single page and separate from cover and introductory pages)

(Introduce the problem)
term “introduction” should not be used, rather a short statement
identifying the problem you intend to examine in the essay.This section
should contain information as to the importance of the problems and the
particular thesis statement – what you intend to present and why. This
is usually an examination of the literature relevant to the problem)

(Literature review or discussion)
the topic is chosen it is necessary to conduct research in the
academic, peer reviewed, journals and locate 5 journal articles that
relate to your topic of interest. These articles must be from academic journals.
An easy way to tell if it is a journal article is whether or not there
is an abstract. If there is an abstract then it will count for a journal
article. Each article needs to be listed on a reference page using one
of the following methods (APA only). Once you have selected your
articles you will need to read them and paraphrase how others have
studied the topic. If you use the popular literature,
newspapers, magazines, the non peer reviewed internet they will not be
sufficient to meet minimum standards for this assignment

conclusion should not include the word but must relate to how the
introduction was supported by the evidence presented in the discussion.
This aspect of the essay may be reduced to a single paragraph but more
than one may also be appropriate)

(separate page and APA style requires they be double spaced and properly formatted)

Publications Manual . (2010). American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: APA

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