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north korean customs officials expect B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Please complete each topic on their own documents! thank you!

Topic 1:

You would like to get your company’s product into North Korea to sell to its residents. Before you can do that, however, you need the approval of North Korean customs officials. You have learned through the grapevine that North Korean customs officials expect a direct payment from you to them to get approval. This would be an illegal bribe if it were made to a U.S. customs official, but suppose such a transaction is commonplace in North Korea.

  1. Do you make the payment?
  2. If your boss says to pay the money, should you do it?
  3. What potential legal problems are presented by these payments?

Topic 2:

You and three of your close friends have discussed plans to open a pizza restaurant with a delivery service. You intend to attract to your business young professionals who live and work near the downtown area and who are healthy and fitness-minded. You and your co-owners agree that each will invest equally in terms of time and money. However, in addition to contributions and “sweat-equity” made by each of you, another $400,000 is essential for the restaurant to succeed.

1. What type of organization is best suited for this business activity?

2. What steps would you take to manage the restaurant during times that you and your co-owners are not present?

3. What liabilities do you and your co-owners face?

Topic 3:

What is the primary role of the Federal Trade Commission?

Should the government be in the business of regulating the safety of all products sold to consumers? If not, how should the government determine which products to regulate? Car seats? Skateboards? Pencils? Textbooks? Dolls? As a taxpayer, are you willing to pay for all of this regulation?

What is deceptive advertising and what can the FTC require a business to do if the business is engaged in deceptive advertising?

Topic 4:

As your company’s director of human relations, you have to deal with Susan’s complaint about her supervisor. Soon after she was hired, Susan received text messages from her supervisor that said “You are the prettiest girl in the office” and “3 Dates=1 Raise.” The text messages made Susan uncomfortable, and she did not respond to them hoping that her supervisor would “just take the hint” and leave her alone. However, today this supervisor hugged Susan, patted her rear end, and said: “The way you look in that outfit, it’s clear that you’re my best hire yet.” Susan immediately pushed him away and has now reported the incident to you.

At what point do comments rise to the level of sexual harassment?

When does a hostile work environment exist?

How much should the law tolerate before holding the employer responsible for the actions of employees that are sexually harassing other employees?

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