“ ontological argument ,” nietzsche ’ W r i t i n g

“ ontological argument ,” nietzsche ’ W r i t i n g

Choose (3) from the following (6) options:

Descartes’ Meditations, Anselm’s “Ontological Argument,” Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols, any short story by Akutagawa, or your own philosophical-critical interpretation of the film Joker or Midsomer. Both of these recent films give us quite a lot to think about. Pick the three that most interest or puzzle you. If you complete this assignment early, it will help prepare you for the test.

1- Each response paper will be one full page.

2- Divide the page into two main paragraph (the first part may be 1/3 if you like, but just make sure to hit a full page for the entire assignment).

3- In the first paragraph, you are to summarize the reading. Questions that should be answered: What is the reading about? What is the topic? If there is an argument, what is it? What is the author trying to do? The purpose of the first paragraph is to show me that you understand the reading and that you can restate it in your own words. Do not quote the text, but put it in words in a way you would when describing it to a friend or family member

4- The second paragraph is the critical or philosophical component. I want you to “react” to the paper. But–not just an emotional reaction, but I want you to give me reasons for your response. Possible ways to respond: Is there something wrong with the argument? Should it be criticized? Should we believe what the author is saying? If not, why not? Is this reading relevant to your understanding of yourself or your place in the world? Does it present us with new perspectives? Explain. Make sure this paragraph is a claim, not just a mere opinion. Imagine you are trying to convince me or someone else that your claim is worthy of belief.

Paper requirements:

3 pages, double spaced, 12 point font. (please make sure to not go under)

MLA citation

Clear: Writing clearly puts the ideas (the arguments, the reasons) at center stage. This is what (most) philosophy professors are looking for. Use the right word, not the pretty one.

A strong, interesting thesis interpretation that is based on a good understanding of the texts and issues and is adequately supported using clear and grammatical language in a well-structured paper. A paper that has this is an A+.

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