pagesdouble spacedtimes new roman 12 point font1 inch marginsapa format H u m a n i t i e s

pagesdouble spacedtimes new roman 12 point font1 inch marginsapa format H u m a n i t i e s


This short paper allows you to reflect on the historical aspect of the military by exploring the military’s structure and purpose. Comparing a historical military event to a current one gives you the chance to show that social change is inevitable through use of critical analysis. How society and the military parallel and diverge on various issues is the key element in this assignment. The military institution has remained relative similar throughout its history, although how it functions as an institution in society varies, yet always within the confines of societal norms.


Choose an event/report in the media about the military from the last 60 days. Make sure to provide link in references or attach article to submission. Compare the event/report to one other event related to the military in history. Any point in military history may be used, but societal change must have been significant enough to create thoughtful analysis between events and points in time. Use critical thinking skills to connect the events. Compare and contrast the two events sociologically.

Points to Cover

  • Brief summary of the current event and previous event.
  • What are some similarities and differences between the events? For instance, what similarities or differences can be seen in ranks, age, gender, geographic location, size of group involved, legal status, political climate, etc. between the events?
  • What do these events say about society at the time they occurred? What do these events say about the military at the time they occurred? For instance, how does each event reflect or disregard societal structures, societal and military laws, stratification, identity statuses, military purpose, etc. at the times of the events?
  • What is/are the sociological link/links between the events? How can any changes in society be explained sociologically? For instance, can conflict theory explain the events in similar ways? Is there a sociological concept such as deviance, stratification, racism, etc. which are both reflected in the events?
  • Show existence of each event through supporting evidence. Each event should be supported by one citation/reference.

Writing Expectations

  • Two to three (2-3) pages
  • Double spaced
  • Times New Roman 12 point font
  • 1 inch margins
  • APA format all supporting evidence, including the text.
  • Separate cover and reference page required.
  • Must submit in format readable to originality checker such as .docx or .pdf.

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