paper must involve musical analysis H u m a n i t i e s

paper must involve musical analysis H u m a n i t i e s

~Your paper must involve musical analysis. This does not necessarily have to be a Western classical music score. But if you choose a style of popular music that does not have a score, you need to analyze what you hear in the pitch, rhythm, meter, tempo, dynamics, etc.

~Your paper must involve text analysis. This may seem obvious, but is something to consider in your choice. There is plenty of beautiful music in the world with little lyrical interest. Choose something with compelling text. Poetry set to music makes a good paper, but you don’t have to do that. Another possibility is music written about a text, but with no lyrics. This is allowed—as long as your paper involves musical and textual analysis. Text in a language other than English is also possible.

~You must cite at least 5 scholarly sources. For some popular music projects, a review might be an acceptable source to complement the scholarship you cite. Ask me for permission/help with using reviews. There are some good ones by renowned scholars or critics that are worth citing, but also some that are not.

7-8 pages


Thesis: (You are welcome to word this better if you need to, or change the thesis.)

The same song that is written can be performed to invoke two different types of emotions on a listener.

I have attached notes I have on both songs. I need an analysis that covers how the two songs differ in tempo, beat, rhythm, meter, etc. All things that have to do with music. Use any of the following sources to get the 5 sources required.

Music Library Webpage: https:// class=”ui-icon ui-icon-extlink ui-icon-inline”>Links to an external site.

start here: to an external site.

Grove Music Online: https:// class=”screenreader-only”> (Links to an external site.)
An encyclopedia. You can use Grove to learn about composers’ biographies, historical time periods, musical terms, genres, etc.

Music Index: (Links to an external site.)
Database for scholarly works in music.

Naxos Music Library: (Links to an external site.)
Here you can stream thousands of albums, mostly in the classical genre.

African American Music Reference: (Links to an external site.)
Full texts of books on performers, composers, styles, trends

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: (Links to an external site.)

Classical Scores Online: (Links to an external site.)
An additional source for scores


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