paper organizedpaper structurerelated workrecent published work vs highly cited workwhat W r i t i n g

paper organizedpaper structurerelated workrecent published work vs highly cited workwhat W r i t i n g

This paper you have to send to me after 24 hours for synopsis on your project topic.

Write a one-page synopsis on your project topic, including references. In the synopsis, briefly describe what you will be working on as well as motivation for your project topic. Briefly tell me what has been done on that topic and what your contribution will be. What resources will you need to successfully complete the project.

My topic is How to Keep Your Child Safe from Phishing social engineering in malware analisys


Final Project Description and Rubric

For the final group project, you are

required to prepare to a paper of 6 pages (including references) on any malware topic using the IEEE template which will be provided. The paper should have the following:

  • Abstract summarizing key aspects of your paper and key results and findings.
  • Introduction
  • Research question/hypothesis (but not both) which addresses the problem the project paper is investigating
  • Related work with at least 8 references briefly discussing what has been done in your topic area as well as what makes your work distinct. You are free to use some of the papers provided or reviewed if they fit your project topic
  • Dataset description which includes sources of the dataset, data collection method if the dataset is privately owned, sampling techniques used.
  • Methodology on describing how the data was analyzed
  • Explanation of results, analysis and ground truth
  • Summary of contributions, limitations and generalizability of results
  • References
  • Below is the rubric for the paper reviews and presentations.

    # Grading Elements for Paper Review Points

    1 Paper structure

    2 Research Problem, Research question(s)/Hypotheses and methodology

    3 Dataset Description and Sampling Techniques

    4 Explanation of Results, Analysis and Ground Truth

    5 Generalizability of results/models and research contributions

    6 Research limitations

    7 Related work – what existing work has been done on that topic and what are the gaps motivating or inspiring your work

    8 Coherent and clear writing

    9 Can the paper be extended? Provide suggestions on future work


    Guidelines on Writing a Scientific Paper



    Getting your hands wet

    Some tools

    Additional project guidelines & requirements

    2-Introduction … Ideation :

    Think about think about a topic you want to publish about

    What research question or your hypothesis you want to address

    Can the question be broken down into sub questions to scope your work?

    Can sub questions be stated logically to connect findings for your work?

    Formulating research questions or hypotheses

    Is it a new and interesting area?

    interest in scientific writing is determined by findings/facts

    Is the research topic new or is there well published body of work?

    What is the research gap that your paper will address?

    3-Introduction … think as a reviewer :

    As you start writing, as wear the hat of a reviewer

    Think about the following:

    Paper should sufficient new material

    Content should concise and well organized

    Methods and experiment design should be properly described. Compliment the design with a flow chart.

    Results should be presented and explained

    Use tables and figures to present the results

    Think about the following:

    Discussion of the results should address – the so what question

    Do not forget ground truth to validate your data

    Conclusions supported by the data presented as well as other published work

    Figures and tables should be adequate and neatly presented

    All references used should cited in the text included in a references list

    4-Getting your hands wet … writing

    Paper structure


    Why should anyone read your paper?

    Summary of key findings



    What did you or others do

    What were the major findings

    Relevance and application of your research – use cases

    Key contributions

    How is the rest of the paper organized

    Paper structure

    Related work

    Recent published work vs highly cited work

    What have others done in that research area?

    What were their key findings?

    What makes your work different from theirs?

    Paper structure

    Methodology and experiment design

    How was the data collected and preprocessed?

    Use a flow chart and describe the events on data collection

    How much data was collected?

    How much of that was used?

    How are sources for public data acknowledged or cited?

    How were the samples for the experiment selected?

    Describe your dataset

    Use descriptive and inferential statistics

    How was the data analyzed to answer the research question(s) or test the hypotheses?

    Ground truth – how is the evidence validated?

    Paper structure

    Results and Discussion

    This constitutes the bulk of your paper

    What were the results?

    Results have to presented – figures, tables, graphs, charts etc

    Look out for outliers and anomalies and discuss

    What do the results mean?

    Does interpretation of some results agree with existing related work?

    Discuss your findings





    Conclusions and future

    Summarize key results

    How can work be extended?

    What are the research limitations of your work?


    Every workshop, conference, symposium or journal has a preferred citation style

    For the class project use IEEE template and citation style

    5-Some tools to make life easy:

    IEEE template for preparing your paper

    The paper should be atmost 6 pages including references

    Some tools

    Zotero (https:// your references and citations was you write

    Desktop application

    Stores bibliographic text (bibtex)

    alone desktop vs server application

    Chrome plug-in

    automatically picks bibliographic data from a website and stores it in the desktop app

    MS Word plug-in

    For generating references

    Managing your citations

    pick writing style or install one from the Zotero site in the default installation lacks one

    Data analysis

    R (https:// tool with libraries for statistical analysis, machine learning and data visuali…

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