pick one per plan ), B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

pick one per plan ), B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

The skill I choice is “Frankly criticize someone to help him/her to improve behavior in some way; offer suggestion or advice or information to someone who need it.”

There are three question that you need to answer (pick one per plan), each question required 300 words as minimum:

1) Observing the skill being practiced by others

  • Try to observe the skill being used in real life. Record and summarize your observations.
  • Observe the skill being used in a movie or play. Record and summarize your observations.
  • Interview someone who is good at this skill. Write a summary of the interview.
  • Write an essay about how people from different backgrounds perform this skill. Discuss whether people of different age, sex, race, education, national background perform the skill differently.

2) Teaching the skill to someone else

  • Create a learning experience by which you could teach this skill to someone.
  • Invent a game in which this skill is needed to win.
  • Invent a test that measures someone’s ability in this skill. See whether people who you know are good at this skill really score higher than you do-this will tell you if you have created a good test.
  • Try teaching this skill to someone else. Write about how you felt teaching it.

3) Reading about the skill

  • Do a book report on a topic related to your skill.
  • Read a magazine or journal article on a topic related to your skill and write a report summarizing it.
  • Think of a famous person who was good at your skill. Read a biography of him or her and write a report on it.
  • Look up three quotations (in Bartlett’s Book of Quotations) about your skill. Summarize them in your own words.
  • Relate the skill to what your future work or profession might be. Ask someone who is already doing that kind of work about the role of that skill in work.
  • Find a fictional story that relates to the skill. Summarize the meaning of the story and how it relates to your skill in your own wor

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