please include image reproductions W r i t i n g

please include image reproductions W r i t i n g

Your Final Paper Sketch will consist in the following:

1) A title for your exhibition

2) A list of the 3-4 works you plan to use for your final paper. Please include image reproductions and identifying captions.

3) A 300-word abstract of your final paper/exhibition proposal. The abstract should foreground the thesis that you plan to substantiate with detailed analysis in the full-length final paper. In other words, it should be a condensed explanation of the reason why you chose to juxtapose these particular works, and what narrative they articulate as a whole.

At least two of the works must have been made in Latin America or by Latin American or Latinx artists. Importantly, the works may not have been studied in lectures or section. We are not asking you to recite specific arguments about particular works of art, but rather to use your own original powers of interpretation, historical analysis and close looking to generate an original argument about the set of works in question.

The final paper is a research paper. This means that you will need to conduct research using the resources of the Design Library and potentially the Knight Library. Your paper should include end notes and a bibliography (neither is included in the page count). You should cite a minimum of 3-4 scholarly books or articles, and use the information and analysis culled from these sources to make your argument in the most compelling manner possible. Make sure to cite your references consistently using an established citation format (such as MLA or the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the standard format used in art history). Don’t forget to proofread.

4) A bibliography that includes at least 3-4 scholarly books and articles.

Depending on feedback from your instructor, you may choose to revise the information provided in your sketch in the final paper itself.

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