please make sure youtube link works L a w

please make sure youtube link works L a w

Watch the documentary, The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, available on youtube:

Answer the following questions and post your answers by Friday, September 4th at 10PM:

1.What type of work did the women in the film performprior to WWII?

2.Based on the propaganda films recruiting women to work, what was the message to women?

3.What were some of the analogies made in the recruiting film about why women would be able to perform factory work?

4.What was your response to the answers given by the women in the propaganda film as to why they took the factory jobs?

5.Why did some of the women go to the union and what was the employer’s response? Were all the women paid at the same rate? What was the eventual outcome after the case went to the National Labor Relations Board?

6.How did race play a role in the workplace? (ex. shower incident)

7.What were some of the challenges for the women in trying to balance their work and personal lives?

8.What were some of the reasons given in the propaganda film as to why some of the women left the workforce?

9.What did you take from the story told by the woman who came to a co-worker’s defense?

10.How did the media messages to women change after the war? What was the message meant to be conveyed to the women workers in the propaganda films once the war was over? The experience of the women once the men came home? Arguments against women working?

11.What was your reaction to how working women were treated once the men returned home? In your opinion, what impact did women successfully filling jobs left vacant by men during the war have on women in the workforce in particular and society in general?

12.Were you surprised by anything contained in the documentary? Did it change how you view women’s participation in the workforce?

Format Instructions

1.Follow the regular homework format instructions: single-space your answers, with space between each answer.

2.Answer each question thoroughly: each answer should be at least a short paragraph in length.


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