police drones including hd cameras O t h e r

police drones including hd cameras O t h e r

se this link to access all the pictures you should uise. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s9ZPF1NrOz…

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You are required to prepare a project plan that conforms to the PMBOK processes and methodology. Your goal is to provide a detailed plan to exploit anyONEof the following initiatives in order to improve existing government services:

  1. 1) Use of Drone technology (e.g. Police drones including HD cameras to help with searches for missing people and/or monitoring of traffic accidents etc.)
  2. 2) Use of Machine / Artificial Intelligence (e.g. to potentially improve citizen engagement with government processes and policies and/or to automate work)

Conducting market research you should first decide on your project’s scope, its applicability and use in the given industry and where necessary, make assumptions (e.g. based on available resources). You should consider a project timeframe of 2-3 years.Note: The examples provided in parenthesis for initiatives 1 and 2 above are just ideas and you are free to explore other options, applications and combinations. For the project plan, your eventual options and recommendations however need to be very specific for actual use / deployment.

You should assume that employees and senior management are not familiar with the PMBOK and so, you should provideexplanatory textfor each part of your project plan. This is likely to include an explanation of what each process area is, why it is important to the plan (and therefore this project), and how it is to be implemented/used.

Clearly state any assumptions that you make.

It is essential that your project plan isspecificto the project that is to be implemented. Business report format is required.

Additional resource

This project has received a lot of media attention over the last year.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper:
“…now contractors are in dispute with the government on several stages of the $2.1
billion project as they look to finish it by the government deadline of just before the
2019 state election. One source said there was a “lingering threat” over the
government in terms of work halting on the project.”
Article: “Contractors demand more money to complete Sydney’s light rail project” by Andrew Clennell (June 13th, 2017)
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