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A hallmark of graduate level education is the ability to read and interpret the disciplinary literature, synthesize the information, and write a review of that literature clearly and concisely. This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to develop and enhance these skills.

For this assignment, you will pick a Lifestyle Medicine topic of your choice (Herbal Medicine) and write a 10-12 page review paper based on the scientific literature. The page count does not include the title page, abstract, references, tables or figures. You are to include a minimum of 20 references from the peer-reviewed literature that have been published in books or journals. Some of you may find it challenging to keep your paper within the maximum page limit and some may have difficulty reaching the minimum requirement. For the former, clear brevity is a skill (and a gift) that can be developed. For the latter, there is lots of information available on many lifestyle medicine topics. Enjoy your time reading and synthesizing what you find. In this paper please use AMA writing style

Here are the sources I have already found for the writing:

Brief History of Herbal Natural Medicine

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