prevalent conflict management style use B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

prevalent conflict management style use B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Conflict can have a minor or major impact on individuals, teams and organizations. The assessment below identifies your use of the 5 conflict management styles in your text (p.673-675).

Think about a conflict you have experienced in your personal life or at work and complete the assessment. Create a pdf of your assessment results or paste it into a word document and

1) upload it as an assignment

2) post to the discussion board a description of the personal or work conflict you used in completing the conflict assessment, your most prevalent conflict management style use an example that illustrates it, whether it is successful for you and if you believe other styles would be of benefit for your leadership

3) reply to one post by another student (a short paragraph)

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* For #2 and 3, please write in 1st person.

* Here is the student’s discussion post below to reply.

Student’s post:

The conflict situation that I used for my assessment is the debate of cooking techniques and styles that happens in kitchens. I have been a cook for the past 5 years and have an associates in culinary arts. No matter the experience someone has there is always a debate in kitchens on how cooks like to go about their days and cook various items. Every cook has their habits, tendencies and biases, which creates quite the debate amongst cooks and sometimes the chefs in some cases. My most prevalent management style is competing, I tend to be competitive and sometimes defensive in relation to my style of cooking. A basic example of this would be whether when cooking a steak over a broiler or pan seared has better flavor. This is a classic debate that cook and chefs all have their own opinion on. The kitchen can be a competitive and hostile environment depending on the staff, in some cases this competitive conflict management is necessary. My style is usually successful however, I can be accommodating as well as this is my second most prevalent style. I’m open to others and accepting of a more efficient methods that the more experienced may know of. I believe others can benefit from my confidence in my style and experience. Leaders must be confident, when I train others at work individuals benefit from leaders who can confidently explain what is going on and why.

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