Prospectus document

Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

You are making some progress here…but I am not certain you really understand what your task here is. You are to conduct a scientific study on behalf of the organization. You should spell out what it is you are planning to do for the organization…and include a letter from the organization agreeing to have you conduct such a study on their behalf.

It is still not clear how you plan on going about your study, although I can see you are interested in youth outcomes. I am not sure how you can observe something like inequality by watching youth in their natural environment. It is not clear what that environment is or who these youth are. See my comments about an ethnography….can you really live with the youth for one year????? Nor have you made a case for why an ethnographic study is even appropriate.

You will want to think about explaining the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and HOW of your study in this prospectus. Don’t get discouraged, you are making some progress.

I recommend you read a couple of dissertations to see what your task is here…although the PAS in the DPA is a bit different from the dissertation in the PhD.

Also, before you go any further with this, I think you better hold a meeting with the foundation and seek input from them on what they would like you to do.

I would imagine that they would appreciate it if you could provide in-depth interviews with the directors of the organizations and projects that the foundation funds…rather than observing youth.

After you meet with the foundation, let me know.

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