question 150 words min question 1 author billy collins used W r i t i n g

question 150 words min question 1 author billy collins used W r i t i n g

Discussion Question 1

Identify examples of personification in “Building with Its Face Blown Off” by Billy Collins. What is the effect of that figurative language?

Discussion Question 2

How effectively does the poem “Player Piano” by John Updike use sound? How does the speaker’s voice resemble the sounds of a piano?

– Respond to this question 150 words min 

Question 1

Author Billy Collins used his words in an honest and real way to communicate with the reader, in the act of leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Collins’ method of informal writing is more thought-provoking for the reader. In addition, in the poem ” Building with Its Face Blown Off, ”  the author used nonviolent terms to describe violent events.

Inline 26 “Just broken furniture in the street, ” Mr. Collins painted a vivid picture of building the scenes outside the street, likewise, in line 12 when he wrote, “A door dangling by a single hinge”. It is clear in the poem that although there is a war that is destroying the world, from the destroyed building and broken furniture, it gives a glimpse into the fact that people are holding onto and will rebuild.  The poem was not difficult to understand because of the words the author used, on the point of being a daily terminology used to describe the features that were in the scenes. 

Billy Collins described the scenes that his eyes see in a non-violent and realistic manner when he wrote “wearing only its striped pajamas,” and “a door dangling by a single hinge.” The writer is best known for his playful and easy-to-understand writing, as he intends to deliver the idea to the reader in a simple way. The famous writer did interviews and videos explaining how to write and how to present the whole idea to the reader, in a simple and clear way.

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