question ). explore potential counterarguments W r i t i n g

question ). explore potential counterarguments W r i t i n g

“Too often, we pour the energy needed for recognising and exploring difference into pretending those differences are insurmountable barriers, or that they do not exist at all.”

(Audre Lorde, Age, Race, Class and Sex, 1980, p. 96).

Select two media representations (ad, newspaper article, blog, photo, video clip etc.) related to the Covid-19 pandemic that were published/circulated in the last year in the global media. One example should demonstrate Audre Lorde’s critique/warning, and the other present an alternative to the shortcomings identified in the former example.

Analyze your selected representations in detail, paying attention to the use of different semiotic features and the wider contexts within which these representations were produced and circulated. The analysis should be informed by theoretical debates and academic literature.

I will assist in finding these representations and will post some ideas!

Please attach the text(s), image(s), or a link(s) to the selected examples.

The essay should not exceed 3,000 words including footnotes but excluding references and appendices.

This paper needs to be written in MLA format using examples and references from texts and readings (which I will provide). It should be 3,000 words in length and should also be appropriately and correctly referenced using a standard bibliographic format. I will provide the appropriate slides, readings, etc. as well as multiple readings. Make sure the paragraphs are not a series of quotations; please paraphrase the work of others and elaborate as much as possible on key points.


Argument and understanding

  • clearly define any key concepts or theoretical approaches mentioned in the question and include references to authors.
  • ensure to address all aspects of the question in an even manner.
  • do not feel under pressure to agree with the statement but instead weigh up arguments in favour and against the statement and then adopt a position. One-dimensional arguments are always easy to critique.


  • ensure that theory and case/examples are integrated (if applicable to your question).
  • explore potential counterarguments or reflect on the limitations of your argument, and then argue why your original position still holds. This adds nuance to your argument, and will make it more difficult to critique your position.
  • critical engagement/reflection is important for a distinction.

Use of case studies and examples (does not apply to all questions)

  • try as much as possible to use fresh case studies (if applicable to your question) instead of drawing on cases from the compulsory readings.
  • If you still decide to use a case from the compulsory readings, then please ensure to do further research on the topic so that your essay does not just replicate what was discussed in class.
  • Originality is an important requirement for a distinction.

Organisation of essay

  • introduce the topic of your essay as well as the structure in the beginning of your essay. You may also wish to state already what you are going to argue in your essay.
  • include a strong conclusion which does not only sum up the key argument of the essay but goes further than that. Step out of your case study and reflect on the broader implications of the points raised (e.g. what does this mean for debates in media and communication studies?) or you can explore potential future areas of research.

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