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quote · main point W r i t i n g

Your Hamlet Essay will be a “scene analysis,” having an opinion about a scene’s importance in the work and proving it.

You will choose one SCENE from a list of choices then you will analyze its impact on the entire story’s quality, backing up your statement with 3 points and quotes in your chosen scene along with the entire story.



In Shakespeare’s classic tragedy “Hamlet,” [INSERT YOUR CHOSEN SCENE HERE] is pivotal to the development and success of the entire play in 3 distinct ways.

1) “The Hamlet Saw a Ghost” Scene: Hamlet’s state of mind when he speaks with his friends Horatio and Marcellus after Hamlet has seen the Ghost–1.5.114-90. Include in your discussion Hamlet’s plan to put on an “antic disposition.” In light of the rest of the play, what does this add to the rising action of the tragedy?

Introduction (HOOK) that leads into:

· The Thesis Sentence (BIG IDEA)

Paragraphs of essay:

· Main point #1–example from your scene with comment/quote

· Main point #2-example from your scene with comment/quote

· Main point #3-example from your (or another) scene with comment/quote (You may choose another scene to quote to make your pt, but only do it once. Or you can have all 3 from your scene.)

· Conclusion-Step Back. Think of entire saga and the point you’re trying to make. What have you learned and what is the impact on the story?


• Decide what scene was most interesting and important to how the play unfolds–and then why. Doing so makes you think about the entire play and how Shakespeare masterfully plotted the story.

• Use the questions I’ve added to each of your choices above for a jumpstart. Have fun with it, but stay focused on your thesis.

• Under NO circumstances should the paper become a retelling of what happens in these Hamlet scenes alone.

Dissect the scene with an eye to its relevance to the overall plot and impact of the play.

• You will be PROVING how the action in your scene makes the rest of the story unfold as it does. Regardless of which passage/scene you choose, your paper should show the overall relevance of the passage to the play.

• You will be thinking deeply and coming to conclusions about a scene, everything that is going on, and how Shakespeare used your chosen scene to further the action and the impact and success of the entire play.

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