reader referenceo original writing approximately 1250 H u m a n i t i e s

reader referenceo original writing approximately 1250 H u m a n i t i e s

I need help with the questions below, I don’t know what object to pick, but I am interested in technology (but you can give me some ideas as well) and after that, I will assign a different question about the assignment to whoever will help me with these questions, he/she will help me with the assignment as well.

SO for now, I need help with these questions because they are the preparation for a big assignment (mentioned below) which I will need help with later with the same tutor assigned to answer the questions.

Grapple with 1-2 potential topics for your Profile in Wakelet; IF you can answer the bullets below, you are in a good place.

  • Name person, place, event, phenomenon, or specific issue or idea I will explore in my Profile; does this topic connect to a larger social issue or current context?
  • Cite traditional perspectives on this topic (list specific positions taken) and preview what makes your approach and perspective unique.
  • Identify what sources (including quoted voices) you will curate and include; how will you bring readers into an understanding of your topic; what dominant impression do you hope to experience and reveal in your Wakelet Profile?
  • Develop anecdote: write a vivid story that introduces or illuminates your interest/relationship to your profile topic – use dialogue and description!
  • Be creative and use 300-500 words

After I finish with the questions, I will make a new question with a different budget for the assignment below

These are the requirements for the assignment(FOR later) I will request another question later for this, but I just want to give a heads up.

Include the following recommended amount of sourced material using the tools in Wakelet:

o At least 2 videos providing content

o At least 3 relevant websites

o At least 5 striking, independent visuals to illustrate or enhance your comments and keep your reader engaged

o Hyperlinks when needed, for reader reference

o Original Writing approximately 1250-1750 words

o At least 3 varied, attributed, incorporated quoted voices

o (Tweets or GIFs to add perspective, humor or commentary/voice)

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