recruiting efforts toward driving applicants H u m a n i t i e s

recruiting efforts toward driving applicants H u m a n i t i e s

Acme Inc. has hired you to help in evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the diversity recruiting initiatives it put into place one year ago. Previously, Acme had focused most of its recruiting efforts toward driving applicants’ traffic to its corporate website and job postings. While this approach yielded some excellent new hires, the board of directors noticed that the new hires were not a very diverse group. Three additional recruiting initiatives were incorporated into the Acme recruitment plan with the goal of increasing the diversity of new hires. The following are the three initiatives:

  • Minority college recruiting
  • Job fairs in minority communities
  • Mining diversity websites such as the diversity employment exchange

The human resources (HR) manager has been asked to report to the Acme board of directors next month regarding the impact of these initiatives. He or she has hired you to help him or her understand which of the recruiting methods made the best impression of Acme as a potential employer among the recruits. Every applicant was asked to complete a survey at the end of his or her recruiting experience. One of the survey items asked the recruit to rate how likely he or she would be to accept a job offer from Acme. The item was rated using a 5-point Likert-scale item ranging from 1 (definitely would not accept) to 5 (definitely would accept). The data from that question is provided below. Using ANOVA, analyze the data and report the results.

Click here to view the data.

In your report, include:

  • The Microsoft Excel printout of your ANOVA results.
  • Your interpretation of the results. In other words, was there a significant difference between the recruiting methods in terms of likelihood of accepting a job offer?

Drawing upon this data and the scholarly literature, provide recommendations for Acme’s human resources (HR) manager with regard to continuing diversity recruitment efforts. Include three recommendations to help Acme Inc. continue to grow its diversity efforts in an ethical and legal manner.

Present your work in a 3- to 4-page (excluding references) Microsoft Word document. Use APA style for writing.

Submission Details:

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