report writing using body worn camera footage W r i t i n g

report writing using body worn camera footage W r i t i n g

10 Essay Questions (10 questions, each are worth 15 points each)

Due at end of WEEK 16 (By last day of class Saturday December 15th)

Describe the difference between reasonable suspicion, probable cause, and beyond a reasonable doubt as the common standards of proof in the criminal justice system. Give an example of how an officer may document reasonable suspicion to detain someone or how they believed they have probable cause to arrest someone? How do police reports help prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt?

Discuss what “Corpus Delicti” means and why officers need to document the elements of the crime they are investigating in their police report. For example, explain the elements of the crime of robbery (211 PC) versus the elements of the crime of burglary (459 PC) and how each would be explained in a police report?

Describe the evolving issues of “use of force reporting” and “body-worn cameras”, both of which are important in the report writing process. Explain some of the benefits and drawbacks of report writing using body worn camera footage to help draft the report, what do you feel are some of the issues the community may have hen it comes to BWC footage?

Currently there are two prevailing philosophies on how to document use of force incidents. The more traditional method is to document the incident using a separate report form(s) and procedures. Typically, these are titled, “Use of Force Report” and are processed separately from the incident or crime report. The second is to include a one-page checklist and the details of the incident in the narrative of the incident or crime report. How do you feel use of force should be documented in a police arrest report?

You are on patrol in the county beach parking lot and arrest a minor for possession of beer. Write a short synopsis of your contact and why you arrested the minor?

You are dispatched to a family disturbance call. Your investigation reveals the husband slapped his wife and she wants to prosecute. Write a short synopsis of your probable cause to make the arrest, including any visible evidence or statements you may see or receive?

You are dispatched to take residential burglary report. Your investigation reveals the crime has just occurred. Write a short synopsis of your contact with the victim of the crime?

Define the term “Procedural Justice” and how communication is related to procedural justice. Explain the term “giving someone a voice” during a police and citizen encounter?

Give two examples of “Non-Verbal” communication and how the things people do not say can be just as important as the words they speak. How can non-verbal communication help or hinder the police on a citizen encounter?

Explain the terms “Tactical Communications” and “De-Escalation” and how the police can use these techniques to reduce the use of force and complaints against the police and reduce the likelihood of harm to the officer of the citizen involved?

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