research proposal ** annotated bibliography rr W r i t i n g

research proposal ** annotated bibliography rr W r i t i n g

This submission should include all sub-components for the research proposal.

Your final Research Proposal, in APA (American Psychological Association) format, containing all the pertinent sections from the guide, with all necessary appendices,

Presume the reader has the power to approve or reject your proposal for funding, permission, etc. Additionally, presume they do not know your field or discipline. All abbreviations to be spelled out the first time, all terms defined, all processes and decisions grounded in the cited, scientific or academic literature.

NOTE: Qualitative Methods

The scholar will demonstrate comprehension of the principles of several qualitative research methods: Grounded Theory, Action Research, Phenomenology, Ethnography, and Case Study.


The scholar will demonstrate the application of inferential statistics.


The final project for this course will be the creation of a research proposal. You will develop an idea to include your research question, hypothesis (if applicable), literature review, research methodology, and approach to data analysis. This proposal is a project you will build upon each week as you explore the many facets of the research process.

The details on what minimum components to include in the research proposal are found in “Writing the Research Proposal,” in the Leedy and Ormrod textbook (Ch. 5 in the 11th edition). The documents should clearly answer for any reader the key who is being studied and by whom (qualifications of the researcher) as well as to whom the results might apply. What is being investigated or described, what do prior investigators have to say about the issue, what tools will be used to perform the test or observations, what tools will be used to collect and analyze the data, as well as what your expectations are going into the study about your expected results? Where will this study be conducted, with justification and discussion about the generalizability of results to the related population? When will the study be concluded, and when will the results be available? Why is it necessary to perform this study? How will the results be analyzed, distributed, utilized to stimulate a positive impact for the population under consideration?

Essentially, you should make zero assumptions without supporting those assumptions or decisions with an academic or scientific literature supporting reference. Each step of your method needs to be thought out and referenced. Each decision (e.g., how to assure validity and reliability) requires a demonstration of the tool crafted, and literature supporting the rationale of your reasonable choice.

My topic proposal is:

**Disaster Management with Persons with Disabilities**

***I included all the work I’ve done to develop a research proposal below:

**i have to use all these documents to develop a complete a research proposal**

Annotated Bibliography rr (1).doc , Disaster Management with Persons with Disabilities Review Submission History Your Research Topic Problem and Question.doc , Disaster Management Research Hypothesis Statement.doc , Literature Review ,(1).doc , , Observation Instrument and Observer Instructions (1).doc , , APA Formatted Bibliography.doc .

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