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sales revenue inflow cells B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

My company is Fast food restaurant.

It is critical that a small business have a Pro-Forma Cash Flow FORECAST in order to run your business efficiently. The difference in a Cash Flow STATEMENT and FORECAST is that the forecast is created on a a periodic time interval (weekly, biweekly, etc.), which will show you exactly WHEN you will have and need cash. If you have obtained a line of credit from a bank, this working document will be required from the bank, so the bank is aware of your business needs as well. So you will be creating a Cash Flow FORECAST for your business plan.

2. Using the attached Cash Flow template, create your business’s Pro-Forma Cash Flow statement. This is the template that you are required to use in your Business Plan. This template is complete with the REQUIRED cell formulas.

♦Your revenue will dictate what you can and cannot pay at any given time. You MUST create a Sales Forecast Table at the bottom of the statement- this is the basis of the cash flow budget. Enter your Sales Forecast dollars in the table under cash flow sheet ONLY! Do NOT enter your dollars in the Sales Revenue row at the top of the Sheet. The Sales Forecast table is linked by cell to the sales revenue inflow cells at the top of the template. By doing this, you will have the ability to change your sales dollars/assumptions to see what impact it may or may not have on your cash flow.

♦ Your sales forecast dollars should relate to your break-even results, meaning, if you think you’ll not sell at your break-even level for the first couple of months, make the dollar revenue lower than the break-even portion would be. You may have to add or delete the expenses to match your business’s expenses. This is just a starting point.

Each of your Cash Flow Budget’s may be different, as you should add/delete expenses/revenues based on your specific business….not all businesses have the same expenses, etc.

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