scholarly papers including double spacing H u m a n i t i e s

scholarly papers including double spacing H u m a n i t i e s


In your article critique, please consider how adequately the author(s) address the areas below, and please make sure that you also justify and “back up” the critique.

2. Does it justify and support the intent or purpose of the research study, and does it justify any research questions or hypotheses that the authors developed? Is the literature review adequate?

6. Examine the data collection approach. How well do the authors describe it and does it seem adequate? Do

the authors explain how any ethical or diversity considerations were addressed?

10. Evaluate the article’s summarizing discussions. Do the authors adequately acknowledge the strengths and

limitations of their evaluation approach? Do they make sound recommendations for future research? Finally,

would you recommend this study for social work practice? Why or why not?

Important considerations for writing your Research Article Critique

Each question-item of the 3 question-items in this assignment focuses on a specific area that needs to be addressed and responded to in the article critique. Please come up with some of your own questions.

Please notice that within each question-item, the assignment offers several sub-questions for you to consider in preparing your answer. However, these “offered” sub-questions are not “exhaustive,” meaning that they are not the only ones that you should consider. Rather, in creating your “professional critique” of the article’s study research quality, you are encouraged to develop additional (your own) underlying questions for each question-item area that may need to be thought about and considered (based on examples offered to you in the Appendix B – in the Engel and Schutt textbook) when considering the study’s quality of content presentation for each question-item. In other words, feel free to elaborate on the coverage of each-question item area.

Also, please carefully consider the accuracy of the concepts that you present in your critique. Make sure that you back up your professed opinion with evidence from the article itself (providing the page number in the article along with paragraph location).

For example, you may indicate that “The authors present this information in a way that is conflicting; that is they say (on page X, paragraph X) that the study is ….., and then elsewhere (on page X, paragraph X) they discuss ……”

In addition, consider backing up your professed opinion with evidence from other “authoritative” sources such as your textbook (Engel & Schutt, 2013, p.X), and even other sources.


You can present your critique as “answering questions” posed above. To format your critique, please cut and paste (single-spaced) the highlighted and guiding question posed above, but please use double-spaces to present your critique discussion.

Develop a cover page, and follow typical APA-3 guidelines for scholarly papers including double spacing, numbering your pages, and include names of all authors on the cover page.

Recommended length is 2 1/2 or less pages, but once you start reaching over 8 pages, you should strongly review and reconsider the value of your extended contents. Please try to remember that being concise and clear and supporting your assertions with evidence are very much valued in research.

If you use any references to support your statements with an outside source (besides pointing to page numbers in the article), please reference this source at the end of your article critique using APA-6 style. If you point to some contents on a page or paragraph within the article, please point to the page and paragraph, but you do not need to keep referencing the article itself.

Your grade is based on how well you develop the contents for your article critique (70%) and your written presentation (30%). Hence, editing and proofreading your contents before submission is very much encouraged!

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