school ), sport stores H u m a n i t i e s

school ), sport stores H u m a n i t i e s

This is report 1 and presentation, I need you to write report 2 and I included what should you write, I need you to follow up all the following information.

Executive summary: they gave us some comments on our report 1 I need you to improve it. this is the comment for executive summary.

(Who wants something (WRC) and what do they want (be more specific) and why? That’s what you should answer here.) (why? Most of what is before this sentence is not very concise.)

what they need is a soccer goal.

Introduction: we are trying to build soccer goals for our school, they don’t have indoor goals. I need you to write about it.

they gave us some comments about the introduction.

(Introduce us to the project not the class.)

Voice of customer: copy same as report 1 and add on it that we have asked 3 people, and they need the goals to be light weight, easy to carry, steady when they shoot the ball, the right sizes for indoor sizes which are 2mx3m. please specified them.

Problem identification: their problem is they don’t have indoor soccer goal, so based on our class ENGR-251, we are trying to build a goal for them.

Stakeholders and their needs: same as report 1 and we have mentioned some of the stakeholders in presentation 1, I need you to write about our stakeholders their needs are to build a soccer indoor goal, coaches, recreation center(our school), sport stores, students, players could be stakeholders as well. anyone you see can be a stakeholders you write it, any factory could be a stakeholder as well.

Requirement and specifications: the requirements are low weight, efficiently stored, collapse, folded, fit the pitch, easy to carry in and out, adjustable. I need you to specified them very well because they need the specifications.

Brainstormed ideas:we have three ideas one of them is to build it with plastic, the other one with aluminum, the other one is wood so, the best one is to build it with aluminum, because it is stronger. I need you to write about. explain why we are choosing aluminum not plastic. why we didn’t choose wood because of the safety matter, aluminum is better because of the environment. here is the disadvantages of plastic, I couldn’t find for wood. please include the references in the report.

this would be our design.

Bill of materials: we have a bill of $250 that offered to build our project, write about it.

Conclusion: write a conclusion about our work.

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