seen values change since H u m a n i t i e s

seen values change since H u m a n i t i e s

lease read chapters 10 and 11. Please read the powerpoint Theories of Marriage & Family

Then read the article Why Marriage Matters.

Then answer at least 1 question from each group of questions below:

Pages (1-6)

  • How has America changed in its values according to the article?
  • How have you seen values change since you were born till now?
  • What is the fundamental conclusion of the article?
  • Do you agree with the conclusion before reading the article? What is your opinion based on?

Pages (7-8)

  • How important are fathers in the lives of children?
  • How important is marriage in the lives of fathers and children?
  • Is cohabitation the same as marriage? Why or why not?
  • Why do you think children from a divorced family are more likely to divorce?

Pages (9-11)

  • Why are children’s poverty rates so high?
  • Do you think marriage or decreasing the divorce rate could be one of the answers to lowering poverty rates of our citizens?
  • Why do divorced children do less well in school?
  • Why do divorced children graduate from high school and achieve high-status jobs less frequently than non-divorced children?

Pages (11-13)

  • Why do you think children of married parents have better physical health?
  • Why do you think infant mortality is related to divorce?
  • Talk about the physical health of men and women who are married versus those who aren’t

Pages (13-17)

  • Talk about the mental/emotional health of married vs. non-married
  • What do you think is the biggest factor leading to the troubles boys can face when living in a single-parent home?
  • Why would a child not living with his 2 biological parents be at greater risk for child abuse?

Page (18)

  • After reading the article, what is your opinion of the importance of marriage?
  • What implications does this research have for marriage and family therapy and policy?
  • Do we need to spend energy, time, and money on divorce prevention given this data?
  • Might we actually save money in America by lowering the divorce rate? How? (Hint, if less children are part of married families might that be less families on welfare? Etc.)

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