sister rosetta tharpe section 1 explain one aspect W r i t i n g

sister rosetta tharpe section 1 explain one aspect W r i t i n g

I want you to analyze the movie and answer the questions based on the movie and references provided. Just one paragraph for each section answering in details, and comment 2 entries of other students.

Kant, Critique of Judgment Book II Sections 46-50 (pp. 174-188)

watch The Godmother of Rock and Roll: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Section 1

Explain one aspect of the film that stood out to you as a movie— for example, how it was lit, edited, etc.

Section 2

Apply one aspect of Kant’s theory of genius to the Sister Rosetta Tharpe documentary.

Section 3

  • First, explain 2 aspects of your choice of the Kantian “genius.”
  • Second, explain the role of “spirit” in the products of Kantian genius.
  • Third, argue for or against Kant’s theory of creativity — is it a good or a bad theory, and why or why not?

2 entries

Entry 1: Olivia Sieff

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One aspect of Kant’s theory of genius relates to the idea of originality. According to Kant, originality is the first property of genius and that it’s not something that can be learned by following some rule or other idea. A second aspect of Kant’s theory is that the products of genius must be models. In order to be models of genius, these ideas and products must be exemplary.

According to Kant, spirit is an aesthetic sense in the “animating principle in the mind” and that spirit creates aesthetic ideas, which are presentations of the imagination. Kant believes that products of genius allow us to convey this imagination and aesthetic ideas through spirit.

I agree with Kant’s theory of genius, because I believe that there are works of art (paintings, songs, movies, etc.) that we cannot quite describe or comprehend how someone created it but are yet completely in awe and inspired by it. However, I do think that just because you’re not a “genius” or create a work of “genius,” by Kant’s definition, that doesn’t mean you still can’t create original and inspiring work. Sometimes, some of the best work comes from outside inspiration or help.

Entry 2: Bethany Dezolt

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One aspect of Kant’s theory of genius that applies to Sister Rosetta Tharpe documentary is the notion that genius is innate. In the very beginning of the documentary, the film mentioned that Sister Rosetta gained her singing ability from her father because he was known for his vocal ability. Kant’s idea that genius is something an individual is born with is exemplified by Sister Rosetta because she was born with the ability to sing and perform without any training. Kant would agree that Sister Rosetta Tharpe did not follow a set of rules in order to gain talent. She used her own ideas and war original, which shows that she is a genius.

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