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Excel activity: Lunch order

Our Women Designers are ordering lunch. FAQ has tips!

Download the spreadsheet and use the Subtotal (outline) to answer these questions:

  1. What does everyone owe in FOOD?
  2. What do they owe in TAX? (L.A. County tax rate 9.5%)
  3. What do they owe for TIP? (Christine’s minimum tip amount 20%, what percent will you give in tip?)
  4. What is the GRAND TOTAL all orders together?

In-Class Activity – Ordering Lunch-1.xlsx

Assignment help: see HELPFUL FUNCTIONS video for refresher on SUBTOTAL/OUTLINE. Also, Textbook Module 8 section Create Subtotals, and FAQ discussion.


  • When working on course assignments your number one priority is following directions, this is what you will be graded on. Following directions will achieve the SLOs.

✏️ Student Learning Outcomes

    1. Demonstrate competency in using spreadsheet technology (Excel) entering appropriate retail math formulas.
    2. Exhibit strong information literacy skills by looking up values in a table.
    3. Show expertise in planning and executing a macro to maintain table data.
    4. Demonstrate technical proficiency by enhancing charts to improve the user’s understating of the information displayed.
    5. Combine strong critical thinking skills with information literacy by using the data in PivotTables to make decisions.

    2nd:Excel Activity: Gradebook EnhancementObjective: Enhance your Grdebook spreadsheet to reflect the skills learned in MRCH.2760. Purpose:This quarter you have boosted your Excel skills and this is your chance to show them off! This enhanced gradebook report will showcase your advanced reporting techniques. This spreadsheet is not your official gradebook, so grades missing from Canvas garadebook at the time of assignment submission are not required, but the spreadsheet still needs to have proper formulas present so when the data is entered, the spreadsheet calculates and meets the assignment criteria.The goal of your Dashboard is to tell the story of your data – we usually call this analyzing data.Each chart used within your dashboard is a visual display of the data analysis. A dashboard report has THREE layersData (think table)Analysis of the data (data with formulas and functions applied; data made into information)Presentation or visual display and organization of the report (your charts)Remember in MRCH.1950 where we created the two small data sets to analyzed the greadebook data?They were the Min, Max, Ave data set and the data set displaying an calculating your final grades.These two part of the MRCH.1950 gradebook (and probably the gradebook from earlier in this quarter) are the data analysis layer of the gradebook. The data portion was made of the gradebook item names, points earned, and points possible. Criteria:Read 10ChartDesignPrinciples_AND_ChartTypesExplained.pdf (click link to download the file or scroll down to read in Canvas)Begin with the Gradebook file submitted in Week 2 and complete the following criteria: Add a pivot table (you will need to create a table based on PivotTable rules with your gradebook data)Add the following data:Due date for each gradebook itemDate you submitted the workInclude how many times you submitted/revised each gradebook itemInclude your engagement time Time spent in MindTap for the assignment (MindTp provides an engagement report, how can you report this data in your table?Time spent on the Excel Spreadsheet reports and Textbook work (you track throughout the quarter)Add PivotTable Chart to the dashboardAdd Sparklines to a table within your dashboard (see textbook module 10)Add at least one Macro Button that takes us the location in the workbook holding raw data for a chart)Edit all charts in your dashboard using the skills learned in Textbook Module 10Would your charts benefit from customizing the data series?Which chart elements can support can you use to achieve a report that is impactfulEvaluate the chart axis, can this improve your chart? Pay close attention to Max and Minimum values.Would combination chart be an effective update to your dashboard? Add or change chart to a combo chart.
    Gradebook I uploaded is gradebook file submitted in Week 2

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