south republic africaword count W r i t i n g

south republic africaword count W r i t i n g

The country I chose to write is : South Republic Africa

Word count at least 550

Choose one of the three prompts below. As usual, follow the assignment guidelines and post a draft (including images, links, and citations) on your discussion thread. You should incorporate your images (and map!) into your text, they should not be random images tacked on at the end. Remember the Our World in Data. (Links to an external site.) It will be a good resource this week!

Remember, when you make your map, you can use your own data that you find on the web (though you need to cite that source as well). In many cases, it will be faster to go this route than searching in the ArcGIS Online database. Look at the tutorial posted on canvas to see how.

Remember: Your map will not change the world or even be that groundbreaking. Just make a simple map that fits with your topic. Make sure you share it properly so that when you copy the link to your assignment, we can access it.

Prompt 1

Where does your state or region fall on global rankings of development and urbanization? Consider the core-periphery model. Where would your state or region fall or be categorized in this model? In other words, where is it in the core-periphery relationship? How has the spread of globalization influenced your region’s position in the dependency theory model? Use evidence to back this up and use the terms as defined in your text.

Prompt 2

Look up 6 indices of development for your region (if your region has multiple states, pick one). Include economic, HDI, and well-being as discussed in your text. Find 3 others. (eg. Happiness, literacy, gender equality)? Where does your country fall on each of these indices? What does this tell you about the development of your region? Compare these with other countries and see if the pattern matches what you’d expect to find in similarly developed countries. Finally, frame the development of your region in a positive light if it’s generally considered a peripheral region and if it’s a core region, define it as a problem or what it lacks.

Prompt 3

What is the primary city in your region (usually economic or political capitals)? How is this city usually framed (Progressive? Developed? Modern? Backwards? Dangerous? others?). Why is your city framed this way? Find ways of telling an alternative story of your city (if it’s seen as a modern city, tell a story of how it is not using examples or stories or data you can find to tell an alternative story). Use data to back up your answers.


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