spread one topic across two H u m a n i t i e s

spread one topic across two H u m a n i t i e s

FIRST: Sign Up for the Blog

  1. Look at the group blog and read my first post. First post: Reading Public Rhetorics (Links to an external site.) Main page: RPRs (Links to an external site.)
  2. Check your Collin email account to find an invitation from me via Wix.com. (NOTE: This is NOT the Canvas inbox. Click here (Links to an external site.) if you need help setting up your Collin email.)
  3. You will then click “Accept Now” and follow directions to create a Wix account (see detailed instructions with images on the next screen called “Signing Up and Posting to Blog”).
  4. Start posting! Each post requires at least 1 image, 1 link, 1 quotation, and 100 words. At the end of your post, please show how many you used in brackets (see example posts on the blog): [1 image, 4 links, 1 quotation, 107 words].

SECOND: Upload Your Posts to Canvas for Credit:
As you create them, you will also compile your posts into one file (doc, docx, PDF only). I recommend that you copy and paste your posts into a separate document as you write them. For example, you will first post to the blog. Then, when you’re finished, copy and paste it into a Google Doc or a file on your computer. The next time you post, do the same thing and save it in the same file. That way you will have all your posts in one file to upload to Canvas by the LABS Parts A and LABS Part B deadlines (see Course Calendar).

Just to be clear, to get credit for your posts, you MUST: 1) post on the group blog, 2) paste your posts into a Word or PDF file, and 3) upload this separate file with your posts to Canvas before the deadline.

Finally, it should go without saying, but YOU are writing these posts. You will be reported for plagiarism if you decide to copy someone else’s work instead of writing the posts yourself. (See syllabus for plagiarism policy.)

Blog Post Options:

NOTE: Since you have to write multiple posts, you can spread one topic across two or three posts. In other words, there is no requirement that you need to write about all the blog options above, so more than one post can be about a similar topic.

  • NOTE WELL: These blogs are not inherently political. In other words, the point is not to get into an argument about news like people do on Facebook. The point is to briefly (100 words is not that long) tell your reader about something interesting that you found on these topics.

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