student 2 antonio sutton reading chapter O t h e r

student 2 antonio sutton reading chapter O t h e r

Explore some ways in which our economies are dependent on environmental services and resources.

Discuss ways in which policies are created, specifically those that pertain to environmental issues that impact the economy.

Explain how international issues such as oil spills, nuclear accidents or air pollutions are handled via policies by inter governmental agencies.

Provide researched and current examples of policies and their impacts in your first posting.

Requirement: the first response by Tuesday of the academic week and two more substantive responses must be posted at least other classmates on 2 different days


Roberto Heron

I think that most of us just care more about our standard of living than we do about the health of some species we seldom if we ever see. It’s even harder to admit, is that most of us care more about our own welfare than we do about that of persons living three or four or five generations ago. Protecting the environment constitutes a net expense to our economy, this days is that environment concern have faded from the political radar. The environment has two fundamental ways we draw resources like, renewable and non-renewable from the environment to produce good and services. So we must strive to obtain more goods and services from our finite supply of no-renewable resources, and we must protect from both extraction and waste impacts of the natural productivity of our forests, fisheries, agricultural and range land, other renewable resources. International effort to control pollutions are complex but the two major sources of international law are customs and treaties. For customs policies countries engage in certain practices in the belief that those practices are required by international laws. And the treaties, it’s often referred to as conventions or protocols legally binding agreements between countries or intergovernmental organizations.


Antonio Sutton

Reading chapter I found out that our country heavily depends on environmental services. Our country wouldn’t survive without our environmental services. There would be so many deaths because of polluted water and air. The services help us to stabilize the problem and try to figure out a better way to get rid of the problem. The policies that are created have put regulations on how much jobs can release polluted air and water. I’m guessing each country has a set of regulations for polluted air and water that was set by the United Nations. I guess the country has to abide by the rules because they have other citizens from different countries. Everyone needs clean air and water. As of 14 Dec 2016 the EPA is finalizing the revisions to requirements state must follow in preparing and submitting implementation plans and progress reports for visibility repairments.

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