student effectively apply course concepts B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

student effectively apply course concepts B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

question: Reflect on how you have used sexist language (or you have been targeted by sexist language) in your own life. Use this example to illustrate/explain the relationship between language and power. What can we learn from this?)


1. First, you should post a thread in direct response to the prompt answering my question(s). Posts/threads should be well developed and well written. You should cite course material and you should conclude with an open-ended question that invites others to participate in the conversation. Responses will be evaluated based on:

a.Development, completeness, and thoughtfulness of response: Responses should be fully developed (at least 200 words). Did the student effectively address the prompt? Was response complete and well developed? Did this response appear to be thoughtful? Did the student think critically about the material? Did the student connect ideas in a meaningful way? Did the student effectively apply course concepts and/or theories? Was the student able to apply ideas presented in the readings to their own example/story/experience

b.The use of citations: Each week, in your response to the prompt you should include at least one source citation (typically the book, or another scholarly peer- reviewed source). You should include in-text citations that adhere to APA guidelines—it should be clear to me which points in your response come from the readings and which points are coming from you. There is no need to include a full bibliographic reference, just the parenthetical in-text citation.

c. The quality of the written response: Did the student proof read their response? Were there grammatical errors? Did the student answer in complete sentences?

d. Conclude with a thoughtprovoking question: Since you are required to respond to one another’s posts, it is effective to open dialogue in your original post by inviting participation. Therefore, you are required to end your own response with an open-ended question to encourage people to engage in the discussion further. Don’t just conclude with, “What do you think?” Rather, ask thought-provoking questions. The discussion boards are only useful if students can engage in meaningful discussions.

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