teammate standing 8 feet awaysituation – practice H u m a n i t i e s

teammate standing 8 feet awaysituation – practice H u m a n i t i e s

Writing Lesson Plan Objectives

In order to properly serve your students you must be able to write lesson plans with good objectives so that you can assess all of your students. Lesson plans can have 4 different sets of objectives:

a. Motor objectives- what are you expecting the students to be able to do (e.g., shoot a ball using the B.E.E.F method – bend knees, elbow facing the target, eyes on target, follow through). A good motor objective should have a task, a situation, and a criterion. Here is an example of a good motor objective:

The student will be able to pass a basketball to a classmate standing 8 feet away using the proper mechanics (elbows out, ball chest high, step toward target, extend elbows, follow through) 4 out of 5 times during practice, scrimmage, or small-sided game.

Task- pass the basketball to a teammate standing 8 feet away

Situation – practice, scrimmage, or small-sided game

Criteria – 4 out of 5 times

b. Affective objectives- how the student will address their emotions/feelings within the lesson. You can write an objective that states that the student will honor a fair play contract that you have written. Within the fair play contract, you will make sure that the students adhere to the rules of the gym such as no yelling at classmates, display good sportsmanship, and other behaviors that exemplify safe play.

c. Cognitive objectives – this objective should state what you want your student to know at the end of the lesson. An example should be that I want my students to know and be able to write or recite the B.E.E.F. method

d. Physical activity objectives– this objective should state what you want your students to accomplish as it pertains to physical activity or movement during the class. An example would be to move at least 500 steps as counted by the pedometers (step counters) that you would have them to wear.

With that, I want you to write 1 objective for each type of objective that I have listed above (motor, affective, cognitive, and physical activity) for a lesson that you create on any sport that you choose. You do not have to write a whole lesson plan; I only want you to write the objectives. You choose the sport and the skill that you would like to work on.

The one thing that I ask you to do is to write the lesson for a student with a visual impairment (limited to no sight).

For the motor objective, your objective must contain a task, a situation, and a criterion

For the affective objective, please list at least 5 expectations that you have that pertain to student behaviors in the class

For the cognitive objective, please list 2 things that you expect your students to know that are directly tied to your other objectives

For the physical activity objective, list 2 things that you want you students to accomplish throughout or at the end of the lesson

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