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template – global economics – mbacover pagetable B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Assignment: Market Strategy Analysis (4000 words)

This is the conclusion to the analysis. Given all the research you’ve done on the previous five assignments, you can now synthesize that information and come to a conclusion as to how the company should move forward. The product may appear to have a good chance of success. It may appear to have too many down-side risks. It may be a situation where a few “red flags” suggest the need for more research. Remember it’s as important to decide not to pursue a marketing strategy as to move forward.

A final step in this last assignment is to combine the six assignments into a single paper. That means treating each of the previous assignments as a section of this final paper. Eliminate the individual title pages. In this case, you can retain the citations in each section so you don’t have to renumber or move citations around. Also, feel free to make changes to earlier assignments based on new information you may have found or feedback from the professor.

Please use the following Checklist to ensure a quality final assignment report. Around 10 pages single spaced.

  1. Cover page and overall professional report, Table of Content, original graphs (not cut and pasted from somewhere else). Professional bibliography using APA Style. (25 points)
  2. Presentation of your analytical framework used to analyze and present the decision to invest in a foreign country. (50 points)
  3. Economic Analysis given at least 50 percent of the paper. Core economic data on the country provided in a table. (75 points)
  4. Political, Market, Cultural and Ethical and “inequality” risks analyzed and integrated. Core risk data provided in separate tables for each area (60 points)
  5. Core product analysis and data (25 points)
  6. Rationale for your decision to invest based on the above analysis. (25 points)

Final Paper Checklist/Template – Global Economics – MBA

  1. Cover Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Abstract – 100 -200 word summary of the paper.
  4. Introduction –
    1. Specify the country and the product you are exploring. Specify the different areas you will explore in the paper.
    2. Introduce your analytical framework graphic that will help your decision analysis
  5. Analysis
    1. Cultural Intelligence – Core data table from Hofstede and analysis in terms of product success in the country
    2. Political intelligence – core data table from World Bank Governance and analysis in terms of political stability of the country
    3. Market Intelligence – core data table from World Bank Doing Business data and analysis how easy it will be to enter, do business and exit.
    4. Product intelligence – who are your competitors and what is the market segment you are going after
    5. Economic Intelligence – core data on the country’s economy and current economic status. Is there economic stability and economic potential for your product. This section should include the following ( about 3 pages at least)
      1. Core data table of economic data and trends
      2. Policy cross analysis
      3. Economic stability in the short and long term
      4. Exchange rate analysis
  6. Final Analysis integrating all elements in “4” using your analytic graphic and specifying your decision based on the analysis to invest or not in the country.
  7. Conclusion – summarizing the paper.
  8. Bibliography – make sure solid academic resources (Journals, Books, Official sources of data) are cited and used in the report and properly listed using APA style.

Here is an example of an analytical framework that Corrie (2015) used in an analysis called the Policy Mandala:


This assignment is final paper which explains my previous 5 assignments(week 1 to week 5) So this paper should be written only from the attached docs and not from any external sources.

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