text citations reference page style grammar W r i t i n g

text citations reference page style grammar W r i t i n g

A literature review aims to give you the opportunity to review, analyze, critique, and discuss various texts that relate to your topic. Your review should also aim to provide the reader information on why your topic is a worthy topic for study.

The objective of this literature review assignment is to help you begin reviewing your secondary sources. For this assignment you will:

  • search for articles on your topic, ( TOPIC: Gauging student’s success and retention)
  • analyze at least three (3) useful articles, and
  • evaluate how you will use the information to support your ideas for your topic.


The final goal is to get you to integrate these sources into your final report.

Task 1:

Find at least five potential sources (published articles or other secondary sources) that relate to your topic. Your sources should vary(books, journals, magazine articles, web sites…)

Task 2:

Skim your sources (take notes on how they relate to your topic) and select three (3) sources for your review

Task 3:

Write your review (you must use the APA style). It must be written in an essay format that contains an *introduction, body, conclusion and reference page.

*See descriptions below

How to Write Your Review:


Introduce your topic and explain your purpose for selecting the topic.


  • Each source should be reviewed in a separate paragraph. Provide information on the context of your proposed topic. (What is the problem?) Begin your review of the source with a signal phrase for each source: For example-Markel’s Technical Communications (2018) examines many of the …
  • Provide a critical evaluation of how each of your three (3)sources contributes to your topic. (How do the articles provide background information or provide solutions to the problem or support or defend your judgment about the problem?) ***Keep your primary focus on the literature*** Include a quote (or two) or a paraphrase from the source and be sure to haveparenthetical citations using the APA style in your assessment.
  • Identify questions related to your topic or problem that your research will answer.


  • Provide the conclusions that you have drawn from the literature and explain your position. Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions?
  • Explain how you will use the literature in your report.

How You Will Be Graded:

You will be evaluated on the following:

  • The effectiveness of your introduction
  • The context of your topic and problem rationale
  • The critical evaluation of how the cited literature contributes to your research
  • The presentation of research questions (Do they logically follow the problem?)
  • Accuracy of in-text citations
  • Reference page
  • Style
  • Grammar and mechanics

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