time affect every single person W r i t i n g

time affect every single person W r i t i n g

i just want you to rely or respond to each of the following by few sentences:


Personally, I believe that the thought of monsters depends on your age and views. With my age and current opinions I believe that monsters aren’t necessarily the things that that hide under your bed or in your closet, but are the hidden things we cannot visibly see. In my view, monsters and cruel human beings coincide with one another along with forms of mental illness and ill wishing family. The way I view the term “monster” is very broad and consists of all of the negative things in the world.

I think we are afraid of them because of the harm that they could possibly cause. Things such as mental illness are evil, and they seem to attack people in many different ways. Yet at the same time affect every single person in its own personal way. However, monsters in the form of family members scare those because of the care that should be supplied is then in turn placed with a feeling of loneliness. I believe that we are scared of the unknown.


The first thing that appeared in my head when talking about monsters is a creature, which has ugly exterior and nasty behavior, and often the target that need to be eliminated. However, then the opposite appeared in my mind, kind, elegant, which typically never used to describe monsters, since literature not always describe monsters as an evil thing. So, to me, monsters are a complicated thing, but evil still remains as it.

Beside of kind monsters, the afraid of evil monsters that appeared to human was first developed from the dangerous unknown nature, after some lethal thing happened, the human can not find a way to describe or explain what just happened, so we assigned an entity to represent those bad things for easier spread out to let other human beware of it and avoid of it to keep alive. That entity is the monster, like thunder god.

Or, maybe all of the fear, monsters, and evil are caused by humans’ basic need, which is alive, or afraid of death. Since the felling “fear” was first developed to keep humans away from dangerous things, such as poisoning plants, lethal animals, and bad environment (including emotions such as anger). But those things are far away from each other, so our mind developed another general description, evil, to describe things that people need to avoid.

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