types *** identify seven major claims made H u m a n i t i e s

types *** identify seven major claims made H u m a n i t i e s

Here are the key concepts of the essay prompt.

Write an essay that applies the Toulmin template in each body paragraph. ***USE ONLY THE AUTHORITY WARRANT!!!! unless you have specific permission from me to try other types***

Identify seven major claims made by the author as you read the text.

Write a single topic sentence for each of these major claims. Use the formula, “Pinchbeck claims X (#).” Include the MLA in-text citation.

The writing core provides you with the full Toulmin template and instruction.

You MUST leave all labels in the final copy. I will not grade essays that do not include labels. See the writing core for examples of the labels.

The introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph MUST each employ a specific strategy. Label the strategy in the final copy. Your essay will be incomplete without this step. See the writing core.

You will use outside source material to make your analysis as well-rounded as possible. Source attribution will be done in MLA only. See the writing core for MLA instruction and reference materials. Your sources should be from valid academic research databases. REVIEW the research standards in the writing core. Use ONLY the ARC library website to access these databases. The ARC library database has an auto-cite feature that will SAVE YOU HOURS of work trying to format citations. (Links to an external site.)

The number, quality, and integration of sources will factor into your grade. This essay will use, at minimum, five outside academic sources. Your essay will be considered incomplete without the minimum five sources.

Every essay must included an MLA work cited page. If you lack a work cited page, your essay will be considered incomplete.

The essay will be at least 1833 words in length, excluding work cited page. If your essay is short of this length, add a body paragraph.

The essay does not have to be perfect; it does have to be complete. Please make sure to cover all of the assignment areas that are required.


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