united states air force H u m a n i t i e s

united states air force H u m a n i t i e s

In your response, you should aim to keep the discussion going by examining the views presented. Avoid the temptation of simply agreeing and praising others. Instead, offer an alternative view, or point to what may not have been considered. Attempt to keep the discussion going by examining others’ ideas about how to think and by examining the struggles that we all have in harnessing our minds and responding to our realities in a positive manner. 5 sentences or more.

Ciao Professor Stave and fellow classmates. I am Fabian Wood, an Italian/American currently serving in the United States Air Force at Kadena AB, Okinawa; I am, however, currently on a six month deployment to the beautiful sands of Qatar. I am majoring in Business Administration as a means to provide me a broad background of business practices that will prepare me for my future as an Exec or Entrepreneur; it momentarily will allow me to apply for the USAF Officer Program, which I hope to complete within the next year and a half. I think a university education, regardless, better prepares one for any eventuality in life whether it be professional or personal.

I generally like to command and to be in charge, not just of others, but also myself; I have found that the more education one has, it adds focus and strength to one’s life which further increases the capacity to cope with and continue to be strong even when things aren’t going the way one would like. It is education that results in personal growth whereby an individual is able to develop the ability to “go with the wind” and overcome any difficult circumstance to include frustration, anger, impatience, etc. I feel free working through these situations by considering them as hurdles that will add strength and experience as I contemplate and think through them critically. I am in control and I need to believe in my capacity to think through any difficult challenge and overcome it. Critical thinking is: analyzing, evaluating, interpreting, or synthesizing information and applying creative thought to form an argument, solve a problem, or reach a conclusion.

Critical thinking in sum does some of the following:

  1. It improves attention to detail through observation of different situations.
  2. It improves the thought process and helps in sustaining the morale and spirit.
  3. It helps in making intelligent choices.
  4. It is the foundation in dealing with negative emotions that may erupt in different stages of life.
  5. It will help with one’s education.
  6. It promotes creativity.

I expect a lot from this course as it should be interesting with some fun involved in trying to think critically, logically, etc.; it should also give me more insight into determining whether arguments are valid or invalid, and even though I am fairly persuasive, it should allow me to improve on my “gift of persuasion”. I enjoy pundits, politicians, etc., thus it will assist in picking out fallacies in arguments, and it will further help me build on my foundation of discipline in clearer and more developed thinking.

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