virtual leader reflection paperpoint value W r i t i n g

virtual leader reflection paperpoint value W r i t i n g

Virtual Leader Reflection Paper

Point Value: 20

Note that this is an individual assignment. You are free to discuss the paper with any of your classmates, but the actual deliverable you turn in will be graded on an individual basis.

Interpret your performance and your learning across the three scenarios of Virtual Leader.

Note that I am asking you to analyze your own behavior and perspectives as a leader. This is not a critique of the value and/or faults of Virtual Leader, although you may comment on instances where your experience in Virtual Leader differed from specific real life experiences, if applicable.

You should address the issues that you feel most relevant to your experience. Some questions you may consider in some form include:

What “going in” assumptions regarding leadership and organizational behavior did Virtual Leader cause you to reevaluate or change?

Why did you react the way you did to certain characters or circumstances? How did these reactions change over time?

How did your attitudes, perceptions, and behavior change across the scenarios and why?

What attitudes or assumptions about leadership and interpersonal interactions made it difficult for you to achieve high scores?

What aspects of leadership and interpersonal interactions in group settings were brought to your attention that you had not previously considered?

You do not need to analyze every detail; I am more interested in your learning across the scenarios than in the specifics of any one interaction.

Paper Length: I anticipate that you can do a respectable analysis in 1,000 to1,200 words.

Criteria for Evaluating the Paper:

1. Did the paper demonstrate the behavioral understanding of Virtual Leader, not just the red click/green click, technical operations of the software?

2. Did the paper focus specifically on your behavior and learning, not on the problems of the characters in the scenario?

3. Is the paper well-structured? That is, does the paper seem to randomly jump from topic to topic, or does it focus on three or four major themes (which are explicitly stated in the introduction) that are well supported by specific examples from the simulation, and relevant examples from your personal life

4. Is the paper well written in terms of grammar and style?

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