write one 350 words response W r i t i n g

write one 350 words response W r i t i n g

Read the following paragraph, write one 350 words response, answer his post questions.No outside resources needed, only use the book link.

Reading link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rMrm_JW1pAIu0xhwn…

Reading topic: Cole and Foster, “Environmental Racism” in From the Ground Up (pp. 284-298)

Here is the paragraph:

“I want to focus my discussion post on Environmental Racism by Luke Cole and Sheila Foster. I was drawn to this particular topic because, I am of mixed race and this matter is very important to me. The first section of the reading provides a background of what environmental racism means, “…race was most often found to be the better predictor of exposure to environmental dangers.” (55). Even though the Environmental Protection Agency was founded in 1970, studies show in recent years, that African American communities are more at risk for environmental hazards due to environmental laws not being enforced. Environmental justice activists study these types of inconsistencies, and it is absurd that these issues are still a problem. Toxic waste facilities are more likely to be in African American communities as opposed to white communities. Cole and Foster talk about what goes into finding a location to build a toxic waste facility, and how agencies “…rarely look beyond the geologic and environmental characteristics of the proposed site.” (75). Why do you think environmental racism is not racism in the eyes of the judicial system (as referenced on page 64)? Could it be the “smoking gun” theory, defined as, the exact mention of racial discrimination being non-existent when it comes to selecting a site for the facility?

Environmental racism is among us, and like the authors say, it is really hard to prove discrimination when it comes to the judicial system. As the residents of Flint, Michigan have been without fresh water for four years, environmental justice activists are continuing to protest so people are aware of the problem and other problems like it. Why do you think this is still an ongoing problem? Also, why do you think people try to ignore this problem? What steps do you think the government and government agencies can make to find solutions, and enforce more environmental regulations in communities with low-income and minority residents?”

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