writing assignment — classification essayafter reading W r i t i n g

writing assignment — classification essayafter reading W r i t i n g

Writing Assignment–Classification Essay

After reading the week 8 reading assignment, write a classification essay using the writing prompt listed below. This is NOT a paragraph assignment. You’ll write a 5-paragraph essay, which will include an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Again, make sure you read Chapter 10 on classification (Chapters 12 and 43 in 6th edition) before you begin writing. Give the essay a title and make sure you have a clearly worded thesis statement as the last sentence of your introduction. The essay should be 500-800 words long. Submit your classification essay as an attachment in Assignments before midnight on Sunday (Due 7/23).

Writing Prompt: Think of a group of people (such as students, bosses, drivers, or shoppers) who might be categorized according to their varying behaviors, habits, or preferences. Then, using Hultgren’s essay “Pick Up the Phone to Call, Not Text” (pp. 206-207) as a model, write an essay that breaks the group into categories, giving reasons and examples for your subgroupings.

Classification Essay

A classification essay takes a broad category and subdivides it into smaller subcategories. For this essay, you’ll classify a category of people into three sub-categories. You can choose what category of people to write about, but some possible categories would be students, bosses, drivers, teachers, soldiers, co-workers or shoppers When you write a classification essay, it is important that your classification have a single basis or underlying principle. For example, if you choose teachers, you will need to come up with one basis for classification, such as teaching styles. Each body paragraph would discuss a different teaching style. Other organizing principles for people could be behaviors, habits, preferences or attitudes. You will begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence stating the main idea of the paragraph. You will then use specific examples, descriptions, and anecdotes based on personal experience to provide support for your topic sentence. In addition to the three body paragraphs, you will also need an introduction and conclusion. These paragraphs will be shorter (3-5) sentences.

Your 5-paragraph classification essay will have a 3-5 sentence introduction, three body paragraphs with 8-10 sentences each, and a 3-5 sentence conclusion. Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of your introduction. Make sure your essay has a four-line heading in the top left-hand corner with your name, today’s date, ENG 1100, and assignment name (Week 8-Classification Essay). Your title should be centered, your paragraphs indented, and everything should be double spaced using 11- or 12-point font. Don’t use you or any other second person pronouns, and don’t begin sentences with There is/are/was/were.

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