yet despite aapis emerging W r i t i n g

yet despite aapis emerging W r i t i n g

Discussion #2: Asian Americans in Hollywood


Asian Americans have come a long way since the whitewashing days of Charlie Chan and and evil stereotype of Fu Manchu in popular films and culture with the emergence of shows like “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Master of None,” “The Mindy Project,” and online productions of the Wong Fu Productions. Yet despite AAPIs emerging as one of the fastest growing segment of the American population and the rising demands for more diversity, Hollywood continues to buck the trend and stick to the status quo of whitewashing, white savior complex, and erasure practices. Tom Cruise as the last samurai? Matt Damon in the Great Wall? Billy Magnussen as a prince to supplement Aladdin? (Links to an external site.) Is this strictly about economics or racism?

Sources to Review:

(Links to an external site.)Source #1: “Asian Americans Break the Silence and Stereotypes” Panel Discussion at South by Southwest Festival 2017 (Mandatory Citation) (Links to an external site.)

Source #2: “Why Does the White Guy Always Have to be the Hero?” by Grace Wilson, Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn, and Karen Hao of Mother Jones. (Links to an external site.)

Source #3: “Why Won’t Hollywood Cast Asian Actors” by PBS Idea Channel (Links to an external site.)

Source #4: “The Seven Excuses for Defending Your TV Show or Movie – and Why They Won’t Work” by Marissa Martinelli of Slate (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)Source #5: “Asian Americans Actors are Fighting for Visibility and They Will Not be Ignored” by Amanda Hess in the New York Times (Links to an external site.)

Assignment Instructions:

Once you are done reviewing the sources, please write a topic reply (minimum of 400 words) utilizing assigned sources to support your position on the following discussion questions:

  • Why have Asian Americans been excluded/erased/underrepresented in Hollywood?
  • How does Hollywood representation shapes America’s perception of Asians?
  • What are the solutions to Asian underrepresentation?

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